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Mailing Address

Coyle Chelation Clinic
Av. Madero 704
San Luis R.C.,
Sonora Mexico

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Driving Directions

  1. Located just inside San Luis, Mexico, Coyle Clinic is a brief, 20 minute drive from Yuma, Arizona.
  2. Drive south from Yuma on U.S. Route 95 through the city of San Luis, Arizona, until signs designating the road into Mexico are visible.

    There is only one main road into Mexico.

    You will see a large, U.S. Border Patrol facility to your left and, in front of you, orange pylons and Border Patrol Guards.
    Do Not Proceed ahead unless you indeed want to drive into Mexico. [To do this, you will need to purchase Mexican insurance prior to [or upon] your arrival.] Most park and walk across the border.
  3. As you see the Border Patrol structure, immediately turn right [west] on A Street -- just before entering the border patrol zone.
  4. Friendship Park will be immediately to your left [just 12' from the turn] with signs noting the name.
  5. Take the first possible Left [south] turn, into Friendship Park and proceed towards the rear of the park. You may park anywhere not designated as red in the park, free of charge.
  6. On those rare occasions where the park is full, you may park anywhere in town, noting signs limiting the hours, of course.
  7. There are several paid lots with prices ranging from
    $ 5.00 and up for the whole day.
  8. Your Chelation session will typically conclude in three hours, so you will generally be back in the U.S. by 1:00 P.M. This is a picture of the park.

    Friendship Park - San Luis, Arizona


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The simple blood panel required to become an established   patient   of
Dr. Coyle
and the Coyle Chelation Clinic can be accomplished by visiting any standard laboratory, and having the results faxed or e-mailed to Dr. Coyle for evaluation ahead of your visit.

If you already have recent test results and would like to consult with Dr. Coyle, use our contact page to reach out to her or e-mail your results to her.

If you are planning to have a panel done, you can obtain test results much more affordably by getting a consultation first letting Dr. Coyle's staff arrange for your panel.

Taxi cabs [free to Coyle Clinic patrons] are immediately available just inside the town limits as visitors to Mexico pass through the gates, and cabbies recognize the name of the clinic, just a few blocks from the entrance to the city.

Passports are commonly
all that is required to pass freely back and forth over the border. No fees are
required unless you are purchasing items to bring back to the U.S.

Special accommodations for wheelchair bound patrons are readily available.